Meeting Room

LiveSmart Video Chat main facility is a video chat between an agent and one or more attendees. The agent role can be performed by tutor, doctor, support personnel, real estate agent, car reseller, or any other reseller, registered user in a social media, etc In order a call to be performed, both parties need to be online in one room.

We will generate a room for you and send the link of the room per e-mail.

You send the visitor link to several visitors or a visitor with whom you want to confer

Please give us visitor name (if you are expecting someone to come), password if you want this room to be protected.

Important: The links are reserved only for you and can be used again and again

Do not forget to give your participants the time and date when you want to start the conference

When both parties are available, visitor will either be prompted for name/email/password (it depends on the configuration) or directly joined to the room.

You may start the call by clicking on video or audio button from any of the sides. Recording feature is available for Chrome or Firefox browser and from the admin side. When the call is established, you can click on the Recording icon to start record the meeting. Once you stop the recording, a preview link is available.

Send your company name, we will creat your link :

Our offer is basically free of charge, we are grateful for a donation.

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