- Educational, online lessons, tutorials, video streaming
- Health-care consultations
- Support, online sales, video consultations, real estate and car resellers
- Social media
- Real time streaming and where ever peer to peer video is needed
- different type of shows, live performances and events.

- You can introduce new products to your sales force and explain how to use them.


There is one or more broadcaster and many viewers. This is a perfect tool for online lecturers and enterprises. We generate links for the broadcaster and send you the link. You will also receive a viewer link that you can send to as many employees or customers as you like. It will open in new tab and the viewer link will be stored in the clipboard. There can be more than one broadcaster - just use the broadcast URL from another device.

Important : The links are reserved only for you and can be used again and again

From the visitor side, you can share screen, raise a hand to request to speak in the conference and participate in the common chat.

Do not forget to give your participants the time and date when you want to start the livestream

Send us your Company name. we will creat your link

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Our offer is basically free of charge, we are grateful for a donation.

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